Stress Management & Peak Performance

Using the AKASH KHI Exercises, my stress level has gone down significantly, and I am more focused and productive in my work.
I encourage all seekers of inner wisdom to discover for themselves how soul-encouraging this practice can be.


Publisher, feng shui consultant and author of "Fast Feng Shui" book series

Akash Khi exercises are deeply relaxing, calming and healing. Simple yet highly effective techniques create many positive health effects. 5-15 minutes of daily exercise can help you to manage stress and maintain harmony and balance in life. Through regular practice you can tone up your brain and strengthen overall health. More advanced practices can help you to access deeper healing, and enhance mental, emotional and spiritual well being.


Relax & Release Stress. Stress is the underlying problem of more that 90 % of all illnesses, including hypertension, cardiovascular problems, depression, insomnia, hair loss, obesity etc. Akash Khi exercises are deeply relaxing and healing. Protect your health by preventing stress related problems. Quickly and effectively release muscle tension, tightness in the chest, irritability and nervousness. Enhance energy level, experience mental calm and inner peace. Improve sleep. Improve General Health and stimulate Natural Healing Through Reflexes. Akash Khi exercises stimulate the reflexology points on the palms of both hands, massaging the brain, stimulating circulation, increasing flow of chi and clearing energetic blockages. This has a therapeutic effect on all organ systems of the body. Also, improve body posture, relieve stiffness, arthritis, Carpal Tunnel etc.


There is a connection of vital importance between the brain - and - the hands & fingers. The Akash Khi techniques tap into this circuitry, creating a direct impact on the brain and consciousness through the nervous system. Through these exercises you can manipulate the body-mind connection balancing the brain hemispheres and increasing your brain power.

Increase Mental Sharpness

Akash Khi exercises are excellent for mental sharpness. The left brain controls the right side of the body & vice versa. When they are not well synchronized and integrated, our thoughts are unclear. AK whole-brain techniques simultaneously activate creative and logical side. Tapping directly into the brain circuitry through the nervous system creates an energetic impact on the mind.


Regenerate the Brain


There are more neuronal connections between the brain and the fingers than any other part of our body. Scientific studies show that finger movement and exercises can grow new neuronal connections and regenerate the brain. Increasing the plasticity of the brain is directly related to the creation of new dendrites whose role is to carry electrical signals through the brain. Also, growing new dendrites helps offset ADHD and memory loss.


Improve Brain Function

Get your fingers moving to sharpen those gray cells. Engaging your fingers stimulates nerve endings that directly connect to your brain, thereby increasing information flow. Do crafts that entail a play of fingertips, such as needlework, knitting, crocheting, and playing the piano or a stringed instrument. Experiments conducted by the National Institute of Mental Health show that finger exercises enlarged the capacity of the participants' brains, increased connections between neurons and enhanced the plasticity of the brain.

Increase Intelligence

 Research shows that challenging the brain can have positive effects, because every time we challenge the brain, we form new brain cells. The more neurons and neuronal connections you grow, the smarter you become. We can evolve the brain by learning new skills such as playing a piano or learning another language. Mental stimulation is food for the brain. Akash Khi exercises are innovative and fun, a new way to exercise and challenge the brain. Also, Akash Khi introduces an exciting visual process called ‘hologazing’. Scientists say that visuals and imagery have more power over the brain compared to other senses. Actually, we learn faster when movement is combined with visual stimulation, as it is the case with AK mudra exercises.