See Trough. Break Free.

See Through The Illusion That Gives Rise To Suffering.
Break Free From Self Limiting Patterns And Beliefs.

Spiritual Awakening

Based on the Book: Self-Healing With the Art of Hologazing Meditation

Hologazing is the visual gateway that will give you that "breakthrough" experience you've been looking for! Your perception will go beyond the ordinary and you'll see things in a whole new way. This expanded lens will change how you interact with others and the world around you. You can use these cutting-edge techniques to wake up and evolve toward greater freedom and unity.

Based on Jasmin's book, this course encompasses the philosophy, science and practice of Hologazing. It's designed to shift our paradigm so we can see through the veils of illusion, breaking our chains of self-imposed limitations.

These perceptual-awareness exercises are revolutionary, they will reveal a visual domain you never knew existed. For example, in "holo-mode" solid things become transparent - you can see right through them as if you have x-ray vision.

Or an object, or perhaps a pattern of light, will seem to magically appear out of thin air! It is from this realm that healing and transformation happens. By changing your perception, you will change your life. By healing yourself, you will heal the planet.

How will I benefit from this course?

Awaken to your true nature
Open your heart to love and oneness
Dissolve feelings of separation and alienation
Let go of fear and negative perceptions
Deepen your meditation, increase intuitive awareness
Shift your paradigm to a compassionate Worldview