Beauty, Health & Staying Young

This retreat was one of the best things I have ever done for myself, and my husband is enjoying it too! This has been a life altering experience for me. With your help on diet and nutrition I have lost 8 pounds and have more energy. Using AKASH KHI meditation and relaxation exercises, my body has toned up without a bunch of strenuous exercises. The texture and clarity of my skin has improved. My husband also lost weight and no longer has a continuously upset stomach. My friends have also noticed a difference. The mental exercises have given me a new picture of life and how I deal with others on a daily basis. I have a new self-confidence, which was so apparent to me when I recently had to give a talk at a networking meeting. I am looking forward to attending my annual conference and presenting the new me! I know applying your program is a continuing process, and I look forward to looking and feeling younger every day.


Regional Manager of Avon Cosmetics


is a synthesis of many years of research and practice, a fine program designed to bring about body-mind regeneration as well as spiritual renewal. The main topics are the very issues that accelerate the aging process, such as stress, bad habits, negative thoughts and emotions, unhealthy diet,
lack of sleep, health issues, lack of exercise, limited perception, self worth issues, etc. The program addresses these issues,
providing unique and effective solutions, a new paradigm that reaches beyond the conventional, materialistic thinking.

Feel more beautiful, confident, and rejuvenated
Melt away stress, negative thoughts and emotions
Gain mental calm, clarity and focus
Increase your energy and a sense of well-being
Connect to your inner self and Spirit
Find blissfulness, peace & happiness


Is there a fountain of youth?  How can we slow down the aging process? In order to answer these questions, let’s explore at some of the main factors of aging and how they can be overcome. Forever Young program initiates and guides you through a life-changing rejuvenation process. A powerful combination of healing and stress relief sessions, holographic meditations &yoga, breathing techniques, exercise, cleansing and other tools help to purify and transmute everything that is old, stale, that blocks the flow of energy, causes inertia and reinforces entropy. This is done through the 5 levels of awareness: perception, thinking, action, feeling and materialization, thus covering all aspects of our life. The end result will be experienced as a tremendous gain in energy, vitality, free time and higher awareness. You will learn offers advanced techniques of generating abundant energy from various sources, maintaining vigor and health as well as manifesting desired realities with the power of your mind, such as radiant self-image. As a result, you will feel more beautiful, energized, rejuvenated, focused and empowered.


Stress is one of the top offenders on our list. When we experience stress, our brain initiates about 1400 different responses, releasing a variety of chemicals into the blood stream. Stress speeds up the entire system and produces conditions in young people that are associated with growing old. According to the American Medical Association, stress is the underlying cause of 80-85 percent of all human illness and disease. Meditation releases deeply rooted stress that even sleep cannot eliminate, and has been scientifically proven to reverse the aging process. 



Overeating, even of health foods, is one of the main causes of disease and premature aging. Scientific research has shown that decreased food intake actually increases the life span of animals. Fresh raw foods provide superior nutrition that preserves youth. They are laden with life-giving enzymes, which are considered to be the “fountain of youth.” Attempts to free ourselves from an unhealthy diet often fail because they are not supported by inner transformation. Before we can successfully implement desired dietary changes, we must change our relationship with food by reprogramming our mind and by healing subconscious emotional patterns that drive our eating habits. 



Many scientists believe that the pineal gland is the “aging clock” for the body. It acts as the body’s pacemaker, regulating internal harmony and growth through producing melatonin. When the gland stops producing melatonin–related signals, we grow old because our bodies are no longer able to operate with efficiency. Also, the secretion of melatonin at night induces rejuvenating sleep. The human growth hormone that is released during sleep repairs and renews our body. We can maintain a balanced glandular system and a healthy sleeping cycle through specific meditation and yoga exercises that target the master glands in the brain. 



As Einstein postulated, time is relative. Depending on our state of mind, time passes faster or slower. To the degree that we can reach beyond time-bound existence and attune our minds to timelessness, we can accordingly “freeze” the aging process. Attaining transcendence or immortal consciousness is the secret of physical immortality, and many yogis claim to have mastered it through meditation. 



Remember, mind over matter! Age is a state of mind. Through the mastery of the mind and powerful visualization and meditation processes, we can ‘think’ ourselves into a younger, radiant self-image.