Beyond words!In just a few minutes, I entered a blissful state, eternal, grounding - yet transcendental. Deeply relaxing, calming and healing.

Elbee Wave

Wonderfully calming and relaxing.

Helen Kritzler

Thanks to the sessions that I have experienced with Jasmin I feel more centered and have reclaimed my sense of personal power.

AnnMarie Burtell

A synthesis of universal wisdom and cutting edge new thought, this book is a gift for those who are ready to receive the information.

Jaia Earthshield

An enlightening journey toward a deeper understanding of the true nature of the physical realm.

Thomas Dalziel

Deeply calming and relaxing treatment. As my thinking mind dissolved I experienced vastness, like coming into a vast room, a feeling of spaciousness and expansion, followed by a sense of deep peace and quiet fulfillment.


An enlightening experience. At one point during the session it felt like a screen literally clicked on - and my whole peripheral vision expanded into a bright light.

Mathew Moon

I felt peacefulness and an expanded sense of self. As I went deeper, I touched on an overwhelming feeling of love. The love was so deep, it brought me to tears.

Jeannie Louise

A beautifully constructed system that easily stretches and exercises the awareness. Truly Brilliant! The knowledge in this book is a classic in spirituality, one that I want to keep for all time.

Zara Janett Christine

Beautiful and brilliant book. The change in thinking due to new understanding has profoundly altered my perception and conscious awareness.

Robert Behrendt

This book is a gift to mankind toward the goal of universal spiritual awakening.

Dan Stevenson