I came to see Jasmin at her healing center and get more information about her meditation and other programs I was interested in. I had my two young children with me who both happened to have an excruciating headache. Jasmin offered to give them a short treatment. After just a few minutes of her healing touch, they relaxed and fell asleep. After my boy wake up, he said his headache was completely gone. I carried the girl in my arms to the car and we drove off home. After she woke up, her headache was also completely gone. My children often have headaches, and I was amazed how fast and effective Jasmin's healing touch is. It convinced and encouraged me to pursue her mudra healing program.


Life Changing! I don’t understand it, but IT WORKS. During the 2-week healing intensive with Jasmin I have attracted situations and things that I only dreamed of - and they actually happened. I have received direct messages from spirit in the form of my greatest dreams become manifest. The sessions helped me to find mental stillness and mental strength to handle every situation. I knew that I needed to love myself, but I didn’t know how. Finally, after years of trying, I am able to do that. I love myself now and have a greater sense of confidence and self worth.


Absolutely profound. A Hologazing meditation session took me into the most psychedelic sober experience I’ve ever had in my whole life.

Khrysalis Fine Arts Film-maker, San Francisco Art Institute

The AKASH KHI mudra touch takes me to a profound state of bliss.

Elyra Easton

Quiet, peaceful, tranquil, relaxing and euphoric feeling.

Mark Spiegel

I have personally had the good luck to experience the gift of Jasmin Akash’s mudra touch. I found that it relaxed me deeply, centered me effortlessly and left me feeling nourished from deep within, connected to a profound sense of well being, clarity and creative inspiration.


I am extremely grateful for having come across this simple but powerful technology for personal and spiritual growth. I am continually amazed at its profound simplicity and beauty.

Taraka Serrano Web designer

A beautifully constructed system that easily stretches and exercises the awareness.

Mary Succop

A practical approach for clearing excess mental and emotional baggage and developing concentration.

Jaia Earthshield

With 30 years of spiritual practice, nothing has given my meditation a boost as profound as Jasmin’s techniques of Hologazing meditation. Her work has opened new vistas for me that might have gone unexplored in this lifetime.

Loren Werner

In just 2 minutes - 8 weeks of pain on the side of my neck was released.

Wendy Janet Evenstar