This retreat was one of the best things I have ever done for myself, and my husband is enjoying it too! This has been a life altering experience for me. With your help on diet and nutrition I have lost 8 pounds and have more energy. Using AKASH KHI meditation and relaxation exercises, my body has toned up without a bunch of strenuous exercises. The texture and clarity of my skin has improved. My husband also lost weight and no longer has a continuously upset stomach. My friends have also noticed a difference. The mental exercises have given me a new picture of life and how I deal with others on a daily basis. I have a new self-confidence, which was so apparent to me when I recently had to give a talk at a networking meeting. I am looking forward to attending my annual conference and presenting the new me! I know applying your program is a continuing process, and I look forward to looking and feeling younger every day.

LIBBY SHERIDAN Regional Manager of Avon Cosmetics

A much needed deeply nurturing healing journey at the time when I was recovering from an accident and had my foot in a cast.The sessions helped me to increase my sense of self-worth and connect more deeply to my true self. During the sessions, I had some amazing energetic experiences that are hard to describe, such as slight feeling of levitation, my energy body spinning feeling to the left, green lighted diamond moving into the distance, red, glittery lights on sides of my face,body jolts and electric feeling running through whole body, feeling like I can't move my body yet feeling light, seeing shiny, golden ball inside my midbrain that I interpreted as representing self-worth.


The 2 sessions have facilitated highly uplifting spiritual openings and energetic shifts. I experienced physical sensations of kundalini rising and chakra activations, floatation sensations and communication with my Higher Self. I felt my third-eye electromagnetic energy field igniting, my third-eye activity merging into oneness. I experienced inner light, sacred geometry visions yielding profound symbolic imagery and guidance on my life path. I felt electrical energy in my crown chakra and a lot of reprogramming of my brain wave patterns. I felt realignment with my life’s purpose and with the second session I was able to go deeper.


During my first session with Jasmin I entered with a chattering mind disrupting what Jasmin calls my 'soul mind's ability to guide. This has been an issue for sometime now due to many natural reasons including family pressures, financial pressures and other normal disruptions to the soul's purposeful journey here on Earth. My 'thinking mind' has been unable to focus and see clearly the path ahead. What I always saw as trouble getting through the door that I have been standing at the entrance of for years, Jasmin opened this door by showing me how to use her 'keys' and while I have only completed one session I look forward to the next as well as this week's mudra mediations that she has left me with. During the session I felt lifted yet my body was heavy. It was a healing state of meditation that left me grounded, strong in connection with earth and light in body and mind. I felt a sense of wellness, tranquility and peace at the end of the session and over the course of that first evening I did not hear the chatter, I was elated with joy and felt the light of a harmonious new beginning.


My sessions with Jasmin have been instrumental in my healing and soul evolution. They helped me to understand and transform the self-limiting patterns of the past, and manifest the positive changes in my life now. Greatly appreciated!


My session with Jasmin was definitely a life changing experience. As Jasmin placed the mudras in my forehead, I felt as if my body started to "melt" into the mat, and my ethereal body "floating" just above the "melted" physical one, all at the same time while I was having a very awake and aware mental state. I felt the energies in my Chakras started moving more noticeably. She guided me with her gentle and reassuring voice to my inner core triggering a spontaneous breakthrough in self perception. It was then I'd realized what was blocking me, and the feelings of freedom and wholeness took over me. Thank you so very much !! Jasmin


An amazing system of healing. I had profound experiences of inner illumination and blissfulness lasting many hours after the sessions. I felt inner connectedness to the source, spontaneous emotional releases and changes in perception. Following the sessions, I’ve had powerful dreams that were catalysts in resolving key issues, and a noticeable increase in my intuitive gifts.


Before the session, I wasn’t feeling well and had a few worries on my mind. Right after the session, my headache and stomach pain were completely gone. I felt so amazing and my whole body was calm and relaxed. It was the deepest relaxation I ever experienced. I felt like I was floating, like I had an out of body experience. It felt like melting, then connecting consciously to spiritual love. I felt so much love and happiness and had a reassuring feeling that everything is going to be OK. I also sensed electrical currents in my toes, and light tingling in my hands, fingers, and around my third-eye area.


Very effective treatment to release stress and clear the mind. As soon as Jasmin applied healing touch on my forehead, I started relaxing immediately. Then I felt subtle tingling sensations rising from my feet upward throughout my whole body. I felt heavy, grounded, yet very light at the same time, like I was floating, and my breathing relaxed spontaneously. Then I was so deeply relaxed, I wasn’t thinking about anything. My mind became empty and peaceful.”


Today my heart was heavy. Today my heart was heavy, grieved in great pain. It felt as though nothing was inside but a torrential rain. Life is twisting and pulling me often in to the obis, and when light is needed miss Jasmin is a sweet kiss. She is my angel that guides me through the maze of life, with her love and understanding of the divine cosmic light. Today my life has been profoundly changed as know I see you all in me. I am you and you are me and thank you my dear friend for now I can see! Your magic touch your kind ear is all I needed to be right here. I love you all.


The sessions help me to get out of my thinking mind and work mode, and put me in a clear space where none of those thoughts occur. It gets me off the treadmill and puts me in a nice garden mentally, where I can relax, replenish and rejuvenate. While in a deep blissful meditative state, I am able to step back and look at things from another angle, where I realize they are not so bad.