I am an end-stage kidney patient undergoing shunt surgery in preparation for dialysis when I had the good fortune to meet wonderful author and healer Jasmin Akash. After just a few months of working with her, my blood analysis showed a 2% improved kidney function. Also, my cholesterol and other critical counts were normalized. Encouraged by these immediate signs of improvement, I kept working with Jasmin, and I am thrilled to say that with her expert help I’ve been able to stay off dialysis for more than three years! Following her guidelines, I’ve changed my poor eating habits and kept to a delicious, kidney-healthy diet. I've lost more than 40 pounds and have a lot more energy and confidence. Not only that, but my overall health has improved, including my brain function, mobility, self-image and emotional wellbeing. Over the last 3 years, whenever I had a cold, cough, an infection, or any other health crisis, Jasmin’s loving and her healing touch have helped me regain and maintain my balance. Today, I feel much healthier and happier, and people around me have certainly noticed these wonderful, positive changes. Thank you, Jasmin, you’ve been a true blessing in my life!

SYLVIA WEDMEDYK Owner of Green Lotus Chrystal Shop in Maui, HI

Very relaxful introspective state. The sessions brought things up that my subconscious knows I need to deal with to move forward. I experienced spontaneous flashes of insight and different emotions that I was able to observe and release without attachment.


The session was extraordinarily moving. I had the urge to weep when it was over. Jasmin’s insight into my emotional issues and energetic blocks, specifically in my belly, brought a keen sense of awareness so to release this energy. Each session thereafter continues to be transformative, allowing the intellect to soften, perceptions to shift and the sensations of love and light to flow more freely. Jasmin's approach is humble, graceful and spontaneous, embodying unconditional compassion and a well-spring of wisdom. Her loving encouragement continues to shape my awakening.


AKASH KHI sessions quickly and effortlessly bring me into my center, my being, that zen space - like I was meditating for hours. I feel darkness leave and light come in. The sessions help me to feel centered and grounded, to get deeper rest and I wake up the next day feeling refreshed. In one session experienced spontaneous movement of my head moving in a yin-yang left-right pattern. In another session it was moving up-down, as if it was trying to adjust my neck that was injured. I also experienced electrical currents, like bolts of energy triggering a deep emotional release.


At first, I was having trouble clearing my mind and was frustrated with my ability to let go. As the session progressed I felt an intense pressure build up in my third--eye area that was suddenly released - at which point I was able to relax deeply and totally let go. I entered into a lucid dreaming sleep state that gave me important insights I was looking for at that time. After the session I felt calm, relaxed and balanced.


I relaxed and let go like I haven’t in a long time. It was a deep zen like state like I never experienced before. While in this comforting introspective state, I was able to look inside and became conscious of my self-limiting patterns. Following the session, I noticed a definite shift in my attitude and perception. I feel I am being more conscious, patient, loving and authentic.

Ted Robins

The sessions help me achieve inner peace and stillness of being. When I return to the waking state I feel naturally blissful with greater clarity. As a result of my sessions with Jasmin, I feel spiritually stronger, lighter and more connected to my true self.


An amazing system of healing. I had profound experiences of inner illumination and blissfulness lasting many hours after the sessions. I felt inner connectedness to the source, spontaneous emotional releases and changes in perception. Following the sessions, I’ve had powerful dreams that were catalysts in resolving key issues, and a noticeable increase in my intuitive gifts.


It’s like an instant ‘mind-melt’ experience. Getting out of your head is difficult, but the sessions effortlessly take me out of the thinking mind and give me the inner perspective. The breathing relaxes spontaneously, and I slip into a dream-like meditative state, like I am deeply asleep, yet superconsciously aware, like lucid dreaming. After the session, I feel enhanced clarity, focus, peace and connection to my inner self.


Extremely calming effect, like I took a tranquilizer. Transcendental floating feeling like ‘meditation-meets-the-magic-carpet’. The breathing changed spontaneously, and I saw most beautiful shades of deep blue on my mental screen like I’ve never seen before. It felt like I was sleeping, in a state of deep waking sleep that it was hard to return to a waking state. Even though Jasmin removed her hands at some point and walked out, it felt as if the hands were still on my forehead and that she was physically present. After the session I felt deeply relaxed, mellow, clear, focused, much more at ease and refreshed.


I absolutely recommend AKASH KHI sessions. In the beginning of the session there was mental chatter and the resistance of the ego. Then, as the session progressed, I experienced deep relaxation and total letting go. I felt my energy body shifting and realigning. It felt like my head physically moved to different positions - but it was perfectly still. It was a fluid motion that gave me a direct experience of my etheric body. I heard subtle sound currents - like beautiful toned exhale. I experienced inner illumination. I heard an electrical pop in my third-eye and then the light got brighter on the inner level of perception. I felt electrical currents and my jaw was vibrating subtly. My body felt very grounded and relaxed. My experience was a healing journey from the dance of the ego and mental chatter to total letting go and embracing the subtleties of my own spirit.


Extremely centering and calming. I felt subtle electrical jolts, energy traveling down the spine like divine information encoding. It opened the third-eye but also connected into the heart, shifting me into my body-mind alignment. After the treatment I felt more clarity and peace, and I noticed the environment looking much brighter as my eyes perceived more light.


After the session the most noticeable change was a sense of clarity, inner peace and strength. Also I was having trouble with my left knee and after the session the pain was almost nonexistent...which actually surprised me, since I wasn't really expecting that.