The voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.”


French novelist, critic, and essayist

Jasmin Akash has discovered and developed the visual art of Hologazing into a powerful tool for awakening & self-healing. Her book guides us on an enlightening journey into the mystical realm of our holographic consciousness, underpinning the material world in which we live. Hologazing shifts our normal perception and allows us to see holographically, gaining direct insight into Oneness - our true nature. Overcoming our visual limitations we hologaze right through the three-dimensional veil of illusion, revealing and releasing our limited belief systems. This breakthrough technology is an innovative fusion of science and spirituality, designed to free us from the Separation Syndrome - the root of suffering - and restore balance in our life.

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Before we can practice meditation effectively, we first have to learn the Khi techniques outlined in this chapter. Instead of connecting the hands in an uneven fashion, our goal is to “snap” them together into perfect alignment. Any initial discomfort gradually falls away and the pattern fits like a glove. When creating the Khis, the fingers stretch, cross and connect at different touch points. The stimulation of pressure points increases the flow of chi and we feel a relaxing, healing effect. With each pose we discover a subtle mood, a soothingsensation caused by energies flowing harmoniously through the energetic seal. Though perhaps awkward at first, through repetition you’ll find greater flexibility, coordination and finger dexterity. When you can strike a perfect pattern effortlessly, without thinking about it or with your eyes closed, you have learned the Khi.