Holographic Meditation: The Twelve Elixirs Of Life

Holographic Meditation: The 12 Elixirs of Life is a rare, visionary and inspiring gift. These graceful concepts and images will take you to a sacred place”. Thank you, Jasmin, for you heartfelt wisdom and divine expression.


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I am certainly impressed with the beautiful book, and quite intrigued by the exquisite mudras. You have come up with a concentration/meditation technique that is not only unique but also appealing to all those who want to stay away from religious types of meditation


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Change Your Perception, Change Your Life! Seeing always precedes our thinking. First we see, then our mind interprets what we see. This book introduces Hologazing, an innovative, modern philosophy and a step-by-step guide to evolving consciousness. It leads us into the peaceful, harmonious realm of love and compassion - the realm of Universal Oneness. Through Hologazing our eyes to are able to look at life in a whole new way - revealing a worldview of infinite possibilities. In this visual approach to relaxing meditative practices, we gaze at our hands or other natural objects in “holo-mode.” Through simple yet highly effective exercises we create instant, tangible shifts in our perceptual awareness. These scientifically-based, unique optical effects have a profound spiritual significance, resolving the "separation syndrome" and accelerating our journey toward self-realization. Color 2nd redesigned edition.


Holographic Mudra Meditation is a contemporary philosophy whose primary goal is the elimination of suffering caused by ignorance of our true nature. In Part One, we diagnose the universal root of human suffering. In Part Two and Three, we learn mindexpanding "holographic" mudra meditation techniques, called Hologazing, that serve as a catalyst for a rapid personal transformation, leading to wholeness and ultimately greater happiness in life. The philosophy of Holographic Mudra Meditation is based on a new scientific theory of reality - the holographic paradigm - and universal spiritual principles. Reflecting the spirit of the new era, this modern technology is designed for people interested in self-improvement and spiritual growth in the context of our contemporary lifestyle and mentality. The ultimate goal is not transcendental aloofness, but bettering ourselves and our day-to-day existence. In that sense, Holographic Mudra Meditation has a practical, down-to-earth application and fundamentally supports who we are as human beings today.


" Truly Brilliant! The knowledge in this book is a classic in spirituality, one that I want to keep for all time.” - Zara Janett Christine
“Holographic Meditation represents a precious, beautiful practice of symmetry and integration, and a rich journey of awakening." - Taraka Serano
"A synthesis of universal wisdom and cutting edge new thought, this book is a gift for those who are ready to receive the information." - Jaia Earthshield
"Beautiful and brilliant book. The change in thinking due to new understanding has profoundly altered my perception and conscious awareness.” - Robert Behrendt
"An enlightening journey toward a deeper understanding of the true nature of the physical realm.” - Thomas Dalziel
"This book is a gift to mankind toward the goal of universal spiritual awakening.” - Dan Stevenson


This book is to serve as a universal meditation manual - offering an innovative (“holographic”) formula for happiness and life mastery. Transcending differences, this book unites all around the single most important spiritual truth of Oneness – the key to self-discovery. Oneness is the highest spiritual ideal that seekers aspire to attain. In general, this book is an attempt to answer an important question of how to find happiness in life. It guides the seeker toward becoming a whole person with greater self-awareness.


Part I explains the concept of Oneness from metaphysical and scientific perspective, both arriving at the same conclusion.
Part II shows readers how to realize this fundamental spiritual Truth by refining their visual perception of the outside world and correcting their worldview through the practice of highly effective, yet simple “ holographic” meditation techniques.
Part III is dedicated to showing seekers how to fully integrate and apply their spiritual realization of Oneness into practical life through a
12- step meditation program.

This book achieves its goals quickly and effectively by introducing an innovative “holographic” meditation technology. This visual method is based on a hidden optical phenomenon that enables practitioners to “see holographically”, that is to see “virtual holograms” with just the naked eye. The reason why these simple visual exercises are so useful to the practitioner is because developing “holographic perception” cuts through the veils of the senses, removing spiritual ignorance and the sense of separation right at the core where it arises – at the level of visual/sensory perception. These techniques are far superior in developing concentration and accelerating self-discovery.

The book is written in simple, straight-forward, concise style. Written from the perspective of who we are “today”, from our contemporary plateau of the 21st Century. Without altering fundamental principles, meditation systems rooted in religion and mysticism are translated into the “now”. Typically, at the beginning of the new millennium, humanity is shedding the old skin and slowly embracing the new holographic worldview.

Philosophically, this book takes a new,(“holographic”) look at an old Truth (of Oneness). New “holographic twist” to Buddhist “sunyata” (doctrine of emptiness) and Hindu “maya”. In other words, the “holographic model of reality” could be seen as the scientific twin to the “transcendental model of reality” of Eastern religions. The fresh, current approach of HM is perfectly adapted to fit our modern mentality and where we are evolving as a human race.


Innovation in body mind field, universally appealing meditation technology. Invention of virtual, “holographic mudras” or so-called “holo-symbols”, described as “cross between a mudra and a yantra, with a holographic spin”. New holographic mudras, universal symbolic language that everyone can learn. Concrete, practical guide provides a 12-fold path. Self-help personal growth technology.

Positive social impact. Promotes universal oneness, awakening compassion and humanitarian aspirations. This book has an important message that people need to hear. It is inspirational, educational and transformational. It touches spirit and helps to create a better world.


Universal appeal. Unites people, a brand new vehicle for the transmission of universal spiritual truths and principles, unencumbered by historical past. Transcends religious differences, everyone can practice it without conflict and integrate it into their existing spiritual practices. Book offers distilled essence of great spiritual traditions and quantum physics: quintessential information and techniques in simple language.

Innovation, introduces a unique holographic meditation technology that gives fast results. Guided, goal-oriented meditations give practitioners a sense of accomplishment. All knowledge is within, you can access it through meditation. Learn with the inner teacher.
HM provides the map, the reader walks the path.

Important, visionary book reflects a new trend in global thought. Progressive, futuristic, avant-garde. Educational, helps develop “holographic perception” of the world around us. It brings our worldview up-to-date with latest scientific findings and “Holographic Model of Reality. Evolutionary tool for living in the “holographic age”. Shows how to “live” an abstract and complex scientific model in daily, practical life.