Group Healing Session

Embark on a personal healing journey in a small group setting of 4-5 people. The participants lie down on their back and relax while Jasmin goes from one person to another and applies sacred mudras on their forehead (third eye). With just a few minutes, the mudra touch induces lucid dream-like meditative states conducive to healing and inner transformation. You will experience effortless relaxation, letting go and deep stress relief. Going deep within - you can tap into your subconscious mind power and transform self limiting patterns, release negative emotions, receive inner guidance etc. The spontaneous healing breakthroughs reported by participants after the sessions have been amazing. After the session we share and enjoy potluck and group discussion.

Group Healing Session

  • No charge to group organizer
  • Minimum 3 people
  • Maximum 6 people, including organizer
  • Group Discussion
  • Gift Certificates Available
  • Potluck Afterwards
  • Monthly Passes Available
  • Please RSVP
Length: 2 Hrs
$20per person

Useful Tips for Optimum Experience

∙ Arrive 15 minutes earlier to allow for setting up your mat and getting ready.

∙ Avoid a heavy meal 2 hrs before the session; instead we suggest a fruit, yoghurt or a light snack.

∙ Bring a thick comforter and small pillow to lay on. Any discomfort can detract from the experience.

∙ Make sure to wear comfortable clothing. Heat or cold temperatures may detract from the experience.

∙ If you must use restroom, please do so quietly and return to your position.

Become a Group Organizer

We would like to invite you to organize Group Healing Sessions. You can contact your network of friends and family that you think would be interested in the AKASH KHI Group Healing experience. The group sessions can also be held at your home or any agreed upon location. Group organizer will set up the date, time and location with each group member and coordinate this information with Jasmin Akash.

Experience the Amazing

Mudra Healing Touch

Jun 5 ∙ 2017
@ Green Lotus in Wailuku

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