See Trough. Break Free.

See Through The Illusion That Gives Rise To Suffering.
Break Free From Self Limiting Patterns And Beliefs.

Self-Healing Course

Meditation Techniques for Personal Transformation and Spiritual Developement

In this Spiritual Awakening Course, Jasmin will teach you simple yet powerful techniques that you can easily practice on your own. You'll have a new and exciting ability to heal and rejuvenate yourself, as well as focus on areas in your life you feel need clarity, insight, and increased awareness. Included with the course is a free booklet and DVD illustrating the form and details of all 26 Khis.

Continued Studies

After completion of the course you are welcome to continue studying the individual Khis with Jasmin on an ongoing basis. She will be offering weekly Khi intensives, either at her healing center in Maui, or online. Private sessions are also available, should you wish to focus on specific life areas you feel the need to address.